Thursday, November 22, 2007


Begins Sunday, December 2

This year for advent we Will be following a guide that was shared on a wonderful yahoo group. The website is called Mountian View. They offer 2 calenders this year. The traditional calender starting on Dec 2, or an alternate beginning on November 25th. We will begin the 25th, also reading Bartholomew's Passage.
This is my favorite time of the year! I love the cold weather, the decorations, traditions! Gathering with family and enjoying parties! I love it!!!
If you are looking for another resource for advent, this blog offers many resources ( free ) to choose form! The name is Ancora Imparo. You will find a free lap book and other wonderful resources to begin your Holiday celebration!
Happy Thanksgiving! I'm off to cook our feast!!
Updates as of November 25th
More Links to look through.


keeperathome44 said...

Thanks for all the great resources, and reminding me to start our Bartholomew book soon!

Hillary said...

Hi there! We're reading Jotham's Journey again this year. :)

If you start reading on Nov. 25th, when will you end the story?

LisaWA said...

Im sorry... we will start the book on the 2nd, but decided to do the
advent on the website on the 25th. :) I think faster than I type!

We love Jothams journey! It was the first one we read. I love it! I
wish I could find the Tabitha book.

Thanks for stopping by! Lisa

Hillary said...


Actually, you gave me a great idea. We're not going to be home Christmas Eve to do the story and Advent candles, so I've been stressing out how to make it work. So you gave me a great idea. We're going to start Advent and the readings tomorrow. And just streeeeeeetch out that last bit of the story to make it work. :)

Sonya said...

Great links. Thanks for sharing them!

my5wolfcubs said...

My favorite Christmas/Advent season has been the year we did the Jesse Tree...I think I only had 3 children then. :) Thanks for sharing all the links!