Monday, September 8, 2008

Its Monday and I have a plan! *Ü*

Last week went well... although we didnt have pulled pork! I forgot to buy the prok shoulder... sigh... so I now have one and will we will have it on Monday or Wed of next week... I'll post the recipe then too. Its so yummy! Better than Famous Daves!! Oh yes I did.... just say that! *Ü*

Monday: Soup and grilled cheese *Ü*

Tuesday: burritos and sweet potato french fries and sweet corn... Yum!!

Wednesday: Crock pot Lasagna with peas and salad on the side along with good ole garlic bread. This one is a keeper.

Thursday: Home made Chili, salad and corn bread.

Friday: BBQ Pizza again and an Alfredo chicken pizza for Ry.

Saturday: Fend for yourself people!! aka left overs! *Ü* ok moms night off.... I need it....

Sunday:: BBQ marinated flank steak, cubed red potatoes, wild rice and mixed veggies.

For more inspiration go to I'm an Organizing Junkie


Anonymous said...

Your menu looks great! I just tried those sweet potato fries for the first time last week. I loved them but it was a split with my gang. The taste was described as interesting. LOL!

Lisawa said...

I hear ya... RyLee does not care for them either.... but the rest of us devour them...

Andrew said...

Lisa, I tried the spicy bean and corn salad and the crockpot lasagna. We all enjoyed the lasagna especially. Thanks for inspiring me to be motivated to get cooking again!