Sunday, April 13, 2008

Its Sunday! Did ya miss me? *Ü*

I took a little break.... I just had too. It was hard, but the computer was just sucking my day away, and I needed to step back to re prioritize! I’m week... What can I say. *Ü*

We have been so busy! Had a few Birthdays at our casa, the ever pending yard sale ( that was cold and rainy), a few Nature walks ( and one we were caught in hail!) finished cleaning out attics, got 4 parables made into a lap book for Sunday school, missed my posting deadline for HOTM.... Ouch :( That crushed me to fumble on that one...but the Amy’s restored me and didn’t bat an eye….they are the most grace filled woman! It just took me a while to forgive myself.....finished my flyer for the used curriculum sale but still need to mail out over 200 mailings, and got the go to give a workshop at our State convention this June for Tapestry of Grace!

How was that for run sentences!? *Ü* and also why I had to step back from the computer! I missed all my blog peeps! Since Friday, I have been able to get around and visit some of you... but not all. I hope you are all well! I look forward to catching up with all of you!

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Tina said...

Yes, I missed you! :o) It is neat to see you post. I love seeing what you all are up to.

Jake's lapbook bookmark from church was adorable. What a neat idea!