Saturday, August 4, 2007

Apologia: Exploring creation with Astronomy and live and learn folders

Well, we are almost ready to begin school! August 13th is day 1 for science, math and copy/memory work and August 20th we will begin the rest. RyLees notebook is all set up and ready for her! We have happy scribe astronomy and proverbs for writing practice and some scriptures to memorize. We have our 36 week tab set in place that I bought from Tapestry of Grace.

I went back and forth as what to do about the experiments and observation kit that Creation sensation has. ( you can view it by clicking that link)well...I went ahead and bought it. If we use it, great, if we don't... we will keep it for another time. Its not like we cant use it when the mood strikes right? RyLee loves to just mess around and use her hands... so it will go to good use... regardless.

We also went ahead and purchased Live and learns new cd for Apologia! Its so awesome! ( The link will show you a sample from live and learns web site) Even Rylee is looking forward to it!

RyLee will keep both Astronomy and her Zoology 1 in the same notebook. We only have Astronomy in the notebook right now. She still needs to decorate her cover, showing both astronomy and zoology.... but here is an inside sticker page she made for Astronomy.

This is the schedule we will try our best to follow. It is a little blury...

We school 36 weeks, but I am not worried if we get away from this schedule.... Zoology has a section on insects begining in week 9, I think... and it will be fine to be later in the year and doing those lessons.

We are looking forward to school this year! I feel better prepared... even though I still have a lot of planning going on right now.... I feel better prepared, better than I have in the last 2 years.... building a home and homeschooling AND having a life outside of all of that is draining and time consuming. Its nice to be settled and begin with a set plan and goal in mind. No construction!! *Ü* Just the continued construction of our home-school and family. *Ü* no pun intended... ya... right *Ü*

Once we beging school we will have weekly updates of our weeks....

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