Monday, August 6, 2007

Daily schedule for Ry and Chris detailed(a little more)

I had a wonderful weekend! I was so ahead of myself all week accomplishing things to do... even with work this week, I had all of Saturday to pour over books and resources.... what a fun day!

Below you already see a basic "time line" schedule. I wanted to share a little bit more behind the method of my madness and getting up so early.

So with that... here are "some" of my resources for Tapestry of Grace unit 1 for Rylee. Some of these are also for Christian.

Here are some History, History in depth and literature for RyLee. Many are missing because is taking its time sending me my goods! *Ü*

Here are our map resources for the year. I forgot to put our DK atlas out.

on Monday morning, we begin our day with routine. It has always helped my kids to know what to expect. After breakfast and bible lesson complete, we will gather around the table I we will discuss objectives for the week. Kids have planners that work is transferred into. We talk about the big picture for our week of Tapestry of grace. The rest is pretty self explanatory.... do the next thing.

Once that is done (schedule already thrown off) we begin the day.*Ü*

My son who is a Sr. this year, does his own work and has his own schedule. His dad and I help him plan, but this is done of Sunday as far as schedules.... ( college, work... if he gets a new job etc) and then he fits his "home" school in his schedule. The boy really doesn't need me much.

The girls on the other hand stay on the same schedule, because my 15 year old still needs me so much. I am waiting for the day things kick in for her. Maybe this year?? She has always struggled academically. She is bright, funny and smart, but retention and out put is still difficult. The more we do together, the better she retains. We all have hi hopes for Christian this year. Keeping her focused on school and not so much of the social butterfly syndrome! She is an A+ student when it comes to that! *Ü* She is a girl, and loves to talk, talk, talk. She is also a day dreamer.

We will follow the schedule below in another post best we can for Monday, and go a bit longer if need be. Its Monday..... why not? WE always take breaks, even if they are not in the schedule because we can. It could be just to talk, listen to something on cd or what ever.... take a walk.... clear our brains, get a snack.....

I will be tough on our schedule Wednesdays and Thursdays. I work long hours those days and we have to be focused. Fridays are easy days because we have co-op (online) and every other week will meet up with a family who is also working through TOG year 3 for our group projects and share in unit celebrations together.

Explorers bible study Rylee and I do this together. Shawn and Christian do their own. We talk about it on Fridays though.

Math:The next lesson. I explain any new concepts, go over the old and they do the work.

Tapestry of Grace: History; I read aloud first from the Hakim Book. Then they read independently. We have the student activity pages out and or notes are to be taken while I'm reading. I read out loud for about 45 minutes, to an hour. The rest of the time is for them. Collectively we have from 8:00-10:00 for history and geography. The first week we review vocabulary for geography. If they decide on the salt dough map or make a cookie dough map we will do it as an evening project. Its better than watching TV! *Ü* We will cover fine arts, but on Thursday and Fridays. I also read aloud world view reads for the week over a 2 day period. Depends on how much needs to be read! Normally Mondays. I also have my kids do searches for the people section in TOG. They need to cover a few people a day. This also depends on how many peeps they need to look up over the week. A brief description of who "they" are is added to the note book. RyLee will also be having a State study on Fridays and making State cards for her note book. Im sure I will be tweeking the schedule a lot the first few weeks.

Language arts. The girls are using JAG and AG this year and will be done first. We will then move into writing. RyLee will continue CW this year and so will Christian. Im not sure if 1 hour is enough time for them. This is time consuming. We will adjust as we go along. My son will be using write at home for the first unit.

Spanish. I cant wait! We have already begun watching videos ( standard deviant) and listening to cds that teach us colors, basic greetings etc. We will use the Easy Spanish schedule for the independent learner.
Its a very workable schedule.
Listen to audio
Listen to vocabulary audio
read cultural notes
Vocabulary read and memorize
Activity sheets to complete assignments
practice phonograms

Write vocabulary in vocab section

CM activity

W, TH, F
Practice scripture verses

write in journal

Science for RyLee will be on Tuesday-Friday. I have decided we will read together instead of independently, unless she does fine on her own, but for now we will read together. Lesson 1 first half and begin Live and learn folds for her note book. Tuesday will be the same. Friday we will watch videos, read a living book on the subject at hand and finish any live and learn folds and add them to her note book. She also has Astronomy and Proverbs from Happy scribe to use. She will begin writing practice with Astronomy and then when all of that is complete, proverbs. She will do 1 page a day to help with writing practice. I decided to begin on Tuesday so we can add in her observations/experiments. I wasn't thinking clearly when I originally planned this out. Again, we will see where the schedule takes us.

Science for Christian will be daily. We will follow Donna Youngs schedule. I bought her the mp3 audio too, so I know this will aid her tremendously as she studies. She will also be using Live and Learns foldes to add to her note book.

She also has health, but I just decided yesterday she will cover that in 10th grade instead of science. IN WA State we are only required to complete 2 sciences one being a lab. 11th grade she will do marine Biology and then Chemistry for her Sr. year.


Jenny in Ca said...


thanks for sharing this...I am so schedule-challenged, I am really trying hard to figure out what we need to do when and actually put it down on a schedule. Seeing how other moms do things helps me think it all out.

my5wolfcubs said...

I finally got a chance to read through your whole daily schedule msg! I love reading about how others are scheduling things -- always looking for the perfect plan! We're in Week 6 of Unit 1 of TOG 1, and I just realized I don't have anything ready for Unit 2!

LisaWA said...

That’s to funny, I am always looking for the perfect plantoo! LOL

I’m sure I will be altering mine.... it hasn’t been put into use yet. *Ü*

Monday we begin! I’m looking forward to it!

How is it all working out for you so far?

Thanks for looking... and best wishes on your planning unit 2!

my5wolfcubs said...

Hi Lisa!
Its all been good until this week...this week just feels *less.* I'm not sure if its me, the kids, the reading, the assignment sheets (tried something new, again, didn't like it), the fact that I have to sit down and plan ALREADY! Or all of it combined. I have discovered that I can't just say "do the student activity pages."

But pressing on...