Saturday, August 18, 2007

What kind of ice cream are you? *Ü*

I know... this is silly... but I saw this just a minute ago on someone elses blog and I had to try it.... This happens to be my second favorite ice cream.... candy cane being my favorite. *Ü*

You Are A Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Girl

Creative. Expressive. Unique.


Tina in WA said...

I am a Mint Chocolate Ice Cream Girl TOO!!!!

And my favorite ice cream in the whole wide world is vanilla chocolate chip with the little slivers of chocolate (not chunks).

That was pretty neat!


LisaWA said...

LOL! I was so sad that I wasnt Candy Cane! You know thats my fave!

How do people find this stuff and who makes it up? *Ü*


Tina in WA said...

Who ever makes these neat things up is one smart cookie. Hey, I wonder if that will be a quiz soon: What type of cookie are you?*Ü*

Visit this site for a few others:


PS: Thanks so much for the bug jars. Greg thought they were pretty neat! *Ü*