Monday, October 13, 2008

Menu Monday

Last week went pretty good.... 2 nights were grilled cheese and soup.... *Ü* instead of what was originally on the menu... we had some late nights and it was fast and easier.... I need that! lol

This week will be pretty easy... and we have guests coming for dinner on Thursday night! Cant wait! They are a sweat young couple who are becoming missionaries in Basque Country! I look forward to breaking bread and hearing what God is doing in their lives.

Monday:(Tonight) Christian made Pizza! Love that girl...

Tuesday: Breakfast! French Toast, sausage and fruit.

Wednesday: Homemade Burritos on the go! I work and also its a youth group night.

Thursday: Chicken Florentine warm rolls and a veggie salad and after dinner: Pumpkin Torte

Friday: Left over night and youth group again!

Saturday: Birthday Dinner for Dan the man!! He has a hankerin for homemade Sloppy Joe's, corn on the cob, and wavy lays potato chips.... *Ü* How old is he? LOL It is tradition that the birthday person gets to choose the meal.... I just make it.... although... I just realized.... no one makes my dinner!! Whats up w/ that?? *Ü* Day in the life of a mom I guess....

Sunday: Roast, mashed taters with mixed veggies!!

Don't forget... you can go visit and get a ton of meal ideas!

Update~ If you head on over to she posted her Thanksgiving meal! It was Thanksgiving Monday in Canada. *Ü* Happy Day after Thanksgiving!!

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Tina in WA said...

Greg loves sloppy joes too! :)

Looks like good fix'ins at your casa.