Sunday, October 26, 2008

Menu Monday

Last week was so easy! Remember we had a lot of left overs... and.. Wednesday we went to a friends house (woohoo) so it was EASY... *Ü*

This week, I am trying a few "new" recipes... Here is to hoping they are good!

Monday: Tomato soup and grilled cheese. this is a regualr for busy nights.

Tuesday: BBQ Chicken Salad This is a new one! Click it to get the recipe.

Wednesday: Cold sandwiches again, baby carrots and some white corn chips.

Comfort food night! Shepherds pie This is a new one for us... we have tried Shep pie, but not this recipe. Click the bold type to get the recipe. I will use ground lamb.

Friday: Maui Chicken made in a slow cooker form fix it and forget it slow cooker magic. We will see if it is magic cause this is a new recipe too! I'm just full of them this week hu??

Saturday: Italian meatball subs also from fix it and forget it cook book. I will be gone all day, so I will get this all together in the pot and leave instructions for when to take out of the fridge to let it come to room temp and then how long to place timer for slow cooker. This is also new *Ü*

Sunday: Lentil soup ala slow cooker... recipe from fix it and forget it slow cooker magic. Served w/ warm whole wheat rolls. Might make it a pot luck and have some folks come break bread with us. *Ü*

Well its another busy week! Hope every one succeeds in all they want to accomplish and leave room for flexibility in case life happens......

Don't forget to go check out I'm an organizing junkie website today! Lots of good recipes and tips!


Karen said...

MMM. can I copy your Menu this week? I do my grocery shopping and meal planning on thursday. Yours always looks good. Have a good week.

Lisawa said...

LOL! Sure... this week does look good... I kinda made myself hungry reading over it.....*Ü* I just hope the new recipes are good ones... sometimes they sound good and look good... but then ya taste it...

You have a good week too! Its nice to "see" ya *Ü*