Monday, July 23, 2007

United Streaming

I'm so excited to hear that United Streaming is considering a price for homeschoolers through Homeschool buyers co-op!US is such a wonderful resource to have access to in our homes, and for home Schooling!

We used this as a resource last year for History. Luckily they offer a 30 day free trial! We were hooked after the 30 days!! The historical videos and documentaries I have access to is such a valuable resource! I don't have to wait for holds at the library, inter library loans or pay late fees or video rentals!

We have a 1 year subscription now and we are inquiring about the plus option at this time. I was disappointed I lost my files after my free trial was up. Since I subscribed for the lower price $200.00 and not what the public school system pays. I ended up not having the total access to all United Streaming has to offer after my 30 day trial was over. I have a request in about the plus option (normally the $900 or $1000. price). They realize they should have made this issue a little clearer, but normally the public school system is who uses what they have, not homeschoolers. So they are doing what they can to accomadate us. Even before I read today about homeschool buyers co-op I asked about the plus option for homeschoolers and they are supposed to be getting back with me soon. Im hoping today! *Ü* My hope is I can pay the difference ($100.00 for homeschoolers) and have full access to what United Streaming has to offer and what I had during my free trial.

Regardless! This is still a great tool to utilize. This year we will use US as a supplemental tool and access science, history, language arts and Foreign language video feed.

Some of the my content files we have to date and videos we have watched are Animated hero classics, Magic School bus, Horrible History, and PBS documentaries on the French and Indian war, Benjamin Franklin and also the signing of the constitution.

This is a cut and paste from the Well Trained mind swap

Just heard from that they're working on group price for homeschoolers!!

From their email notice.......

--- Coming Soon - Group Buys in the Pipeline ----------------------------

United Streaming by Discovery Education: We are working behind the scenes with Discovery Education to offer their premier educational video streaming service -- United Streaming -- to members at Group Buy pricing. If you are not familiar with United Streaming, you really need to check it out. Although widely available to schools, homeschoolers currently have to pay $199 for a one year license. We can't give you details yet, but we think you'll be pleased with the offer.

You can check it out now by signing up for a free 30 day trial account and take it for a spin. You will need the latest Flash Player plugin. Discovery doesn't ask for your credit card info, so there's no danger of you being charged at the end of the trial period. By then, we'll have the deal all figured out, and you'll be ready to go!

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I discovered your blog through Darcy. I love your redo! Everything is so nicely organized and calming. Love it!