Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Dog woes........sigh

This is my Gidget. Isn't she the cutest dog?! Personally, I think she is the best dog ever! Mary Poppins of dogs if you ask me! Practically perfect in every way! *Ü*

My husband thinks so too.... NOT! He does love her.... but because she tends to get in a little trouble......

What kind of trouble? Well, she is constantly sneaking up on the bed at night. You know, you go to sleep comfortable, cozy even only to wake up a few hours later with a 70 pound dog on your legs and cant move!

She also has a tendency to find trouble. Not that she is bad (this is what I think) but because we have fed her people food, she now thinks its her food too! Get husband is the one who shares w/ her. SIGH..... who is the trouble maker? Hu? *Ü*

So how does she get in trouble?!Let me tell you.... For example, you bring home 1 and 1/2 pounds of pure dark chocolate. The kids enjoy it in small amounts as a treat. Well Gidget thinks its for her too (wink).... I want my share..... and then... she eats all of it when we were not home!Shes a dog! Right? Dogs do stupid things all the time! Well, normally she would be scolded and we move on..... but pure dark chocolate is poison to a dog and can cause a heart attack! So what happened? We took a 40 minute trip to a 24 hour animal hospital at 1:00 in the morning and flopped almost $1000.00 down for her to be checked in.....less than 20 hours later we get her back!

You are thinking how scary! Yes it was... now your saying.....The $$, how could you spend that kind of $$ on a dog? Well she is my pet, and I love her. Husbands response,"a bullet is only a quarter, it could have been cheaper".
:( do I detect a little hostility here? I mean really.....

Has she had any other tangles with death? Good question! Yes....yes she has!*Ü* Just recently we also found out she is allergic to bees! Yes, bees! She broke out in hives so bad a few weeks ago, she had bumps over every square inch of her body! The danger for her.....The hives would have eventually closed her throat and then suffocated her. What??

I know, I know... you are now asking... what did you do? Well, another trip to the vet was due. 2 shots and almost $300 later we go home. ( I'm cringing here.... my husband couldn't believe it!)This dog has cost us more in the last month, than I spent on Home School materials this year!

I still love her...she still holds the Mary Poppins award in my heart for dogs..... my husband... not so much...

isn't she cute though! *Ü* awe....

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Ginger said...

She's adorable! My Delilah (my Mary Poppins) also has a taste for chocolate and will eat a whole 1# bar if we leave it ANYWHERE she can reach. Chocolate goes in an upper cabinet around here!

Right now it's not our doggies being expensive, but our horses. In less than a week, one of our horses cost more than our new mortgage will be. :::sigh:::