Saturday, July 21, 2007

Tapestry of grace year 3

Year 3: The 1800's

Four major units include:

Napoleon's World
The Birth of the Modern
Nations Uniting and Dividing
The Gilded Age

This year will be a wonderful year!We will be covering all of the 1800s. American and world history. I am looking forward to the slower pace. Last year we covered almost 1000 years of history!It was a wonderful year, but hard! We are so happy to be moving on!

In addition to our regular notebook we have each year for our TOG studies, we will include presidential flaps (lap booking in a note book)of Presidents and vice presidents and the first Lady's. We will also notebook about States as they come up.

We didn't begin this project last year. I wish we would have now! The first week of school we will create State pages for the 13 colonies and George Washington and John Adams.

This will take us the next 2 school years to finish. Some of the resources we are using are from TOG but a few key ones are

US Presidents

This resource will be cut up and used in the notebook. RyLee will also write a lot of the information in folds, or maybe I will let her cut and paste. It will depend on how busy the week is and how much needs to be done. I need flexibility!


The Wich way USA will be read and used in folds and flaps for the note book.

We will begin our year on August 20th. I will post our progress as we make it.

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