Monday, July 23, 2007

Olympic Game farm Squim Washington

Yesterday we decided to brave the rain and head up to Squim Washington to tour the Olympic Game Farm with Imanol.

Although we went to Olympic game farm, we first stopped at the highway 101 diner. We had burgers and fries and went on our way.

The first animals we were able to see once inside the park were prairie dogs. Christian accidentally lost her rainbow bracelet inside the pen. She went to throw a piece of bread and when she did that, her bracelet followed the bread! LOL

The next group of animals on our trail were some yaks and Lamas! We couldn't drive by the Lamas with out saying " No touchy the Lama" from emporers new grove video. *Ü*

Imanol had a good time.

Now comes our favorite! The bears! They look so cute and cuddly... then youlook at those paws and the large claws and you are brought back to reality! Bears = danger. *Ü* Most seemed like old show bears though because they would sit up and wave if you gestured for them to do so! *Ü* Too cute!

another favorite and cuite!

and yet another.....just try to tell me he isnt cute!

We saw many other animals along our path.... but I wanted to share one last photo and that was of Imanol feeding the Bison! These things have the lagest heads, largest sticky slimy hard tounges..... yuck!


Tina in WA said...

What fun! Has Imanol seen anything like this before?


Jenny in Ca said...

great photosl ,looks like a great time! LOL about the llama quote, every time I see a yak-type animal, like the one in your photo- I have to start singing "the song of the cebu" or I have to say "look, a water buffalo!"..

Jennefer said...


This is my first time to come to your blog! I love it! I am so excited about all your notebooking and lapbooking links. I'll be going through all those tonight once the kids go to bed! :)

Also, thanks a lot for mentioning the Cebu song. It's as bad as "It's a Small World After All". I'll be singing, "Cebuuuuuuu..." all day day long. Lol!