Monday, June 9, 2008

My New Look!

Taaaadaaa! Do you like it!? I love it! My friend Darcy over at Graphically Designing and aka Life with my 3 boybarians slaved for hours, weeks and days to create this lovely place I call Koinonia Academy... ok...well honestly... it was this weekend... but she did have to put up with me... I'm so not up on this technology stuff! I write, I post pictures... that's about it. *Ü* LOL

So what do you think??


Tina said...

Um.... YA, I LOVE IT!

I love tht look, the tabs at the top, the nice sized graphics between posts (don't have to worry where it begins and ends. LOVE that!)

It is beautiful my friend!

Darcy is one talented gal. Just amazing.

Jennefer said...

Oh my gosh! This is so beautiful!!!! I love it so much. The last one was great but this is even better. Way to go Darcy. Lisa, as faithful as you are to the blogging world, I am so glad you have such a beautiful space to call home!


Trivium Academy said...

Love, love, love it!!!!

So jealous...
:) Jessica

my5wolfcubs said...

I wanna go to the beach! It looks lovely!!

Anonymous said...

I love your new look! The shade of blue is so restful!

Hope your summer is going well. I haven't been blogging--been working out in the yard!

Have a wonderful week!

Lori Carr said...

Love it! I am with you on the technology stuff. I copied and pasted my blog!:) My mind just does not work in computer code. I just can not get it!:)

Have a great day!

Lisawa said...

Thanks! I love it too. I wish I was on that beach!! Oh ya! *Ü*

SKELLER said...

Ooooh, it's so very beautiful, Lisa. I love it, too.

Ok, so Google Reader? It's not bringing up any of your posts for this week for me. waaaahhhh.... And I just replugged your link back in, and it's still not working. ppphfffft.

Anyway, Google aside ... I love everything about this - the soothing colors, the breathtaking header photo, the page breaks, your sig. It's all good. Darcy's the BEST!!

Mom2legomaniacs said...

LOVE IT! I had to change my Darcy header :-(. The template wasn't mixing well with others to read. And I am on the wrong host site for her to do one for me. I love yours! Looks fab!