Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cant find my groove!

Normally this time of year I am ready to begin school already. Normally...Right now... we are doing school...

As of today.... I'm not ready. I have the books, the curriculum... classes lined up for Biology... but I am not ready... So I decided we wont start school till Sept 14th. This is so weird.. even for me.

This is the first time in years we actually start school in September. I like to start mid Aug... then I'm done by mid May. Last year we began in Aug, but only to finish what we started the previous year and began new stuff in Jan... It was a tuff year for school and mom. *Ü*

Not to much has changed in our schooling. We are literature based as always for History, literature, bible and geography. No textbooks is what I mean. We are finally going to finish our American History!!

Apologia Biology is the science of choice this year for both girls.... Christian isn't to happy... as she got half way through the book with me... but we didn't finish... its good for her to finish... Even if that means starting over. The class will be so much better.

Spanish I hope will also be in a class again. I have not been given rates yet. I do know they went up... but cant commit till I know for sure. I hope we are able to continue. This will be Spanish 102 for both girls. Woohoo!

Math RyLee will finish pre Alg using Teaching Textbooks and begin Alg in Jan sometime.... Christian is going through Life of Fred books at her own pace.

Writing will be based on current events and History this year. IEW is still the curriculum of choice.

We didn't get to Thinking Like a Christian last year. So it is my desire... my HOPE, that we do get to it this year. I would like to have more folks than just us go through it.

Christian is really taking off in photography. We would like her to take some classes at the local CC for this, but I'm sure this wont happen till next year. She is doing a wonderful job though and has been asked to take pictures for folks she knows. So this year we will focus on exposure to photo shoots and building a portfolio so to speak. Keep it simple and enjoyable. Technical can come later or as we go.

We still do nature study... although we have not been posting as much as I would like. We have been studying birds so far this summer. *Ü* Squirrels and chipmunk have been fun to observe. We have tons out here in the woods. So we will continue w/ The Handbook of Nature study and journals.

So Im hoping by typing all this out I can get inspired to find that groove...

Here is to hoping!!


Mama Peep said...

We are in the same boat! I can't find it either. Perhaps Tina took both of our grooves???? :-)

Anonymous said...

We are starting in Sept also and I'm spinning my wheels. LOL So good to see you, Lisa.

Rhonda said...

Lisa: I think that summer is just too short!! Lol
I've been more that way this year than usual. We started school this week but did only the basics. I plan to add more in next week.
We have picked up where we left off on some curriculum also. I see no reason to begin something brand new when we still have lessons left.
You'll get your groove back!! (And so will I.) ;)

Lisawa said...

Hello dear friends in my computer... ( I love that... I stole it form Darcy)

Its good to see my online peeps too... I miss ya's.. Seriously...

I figure my groove will come back once forced into it! *Ü* I’m just not ready...

We are taking off and going to the great wolf lodge the week prior to school starting... I hope that loosens me up!

Love to my online friends.. Lisa~

PS. Kysha... I went to your blog and all the words disappear! I have a few questions out about that and hope to get answers soon. It did the same thing when I went to Barbs blog :(

Anonymous said...

We have been slowly moving this summer into an apt. and I'm not ready for school either. We are still tying up loose ends with that and I just don't feel like I can start school until moving/packing is totally out of my mind! So we are probably not starting school until the Monday after Labor Day. And that is coming from someone who usually starts the Monday after July 4th!!!!

Anonymous said...

I feel kinda outta groove too!