Saturday, September 4, 2010

2010-2011 Koinonia Academy School Year

Its time. School starts Monday. It crept up on me once again. Not that I don't have what I need, It's all mental.

I am still working a few days a week. We have a pretty good groove going. Now to just add "school". Some evenings will be "school focused". We don't mind accomplishing some things at night. I need to be flexible so we can still accomplish what we need to. Evening sessions can help aid us in keeping us off the computer, tv and video games. They tend to fill the evenings to much sometimes. *Ü* its my attempt to be balanced while working, youth group and bible studys and everything else relating to being a homeschool mom! *Ü*

History,Literature and writing will be covered using Tapestry of Grace year 1. Tapestry Year 1 covers the history of the world from the Creation to the Fall of Rome in 450 AD. Here is a link to the scope and sequence if you are curious.

TOG Year 1 S&S

I want to add how excited Christian and I both are about being back in Ancients! This is Rys first time in Dialect/Rhetoric level too (for this year plan), so we hope our excitement rubs off on her!

Writing we will continue using IEW as our core and use it alongside TOG. The Ancients theme book is geared at a 3rd or 4th grade reading level,but the information is practical for older students as well. The themes are my guide. I also have Analytical grammars Teaching an Essay and Research Paper.. Essays and research papers I am planning to use as an end of the unit project. Not sure how all this will pan out yet.

Math is Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1

World View will be a combination of Tapestry of Grace and Understanding the times. finally the girls are taking this class!! The core will be understanding the times, but we will not be able to help but get a world view from our history this year while using TOG.

Economics,business, Law, Government and History will be covered by using the Uncle Eric books we have.

What ever happened to Penny Candy?

Whatever happened to Justice?

Are You Liberal? Conservative? or Confused?

Ancient Rome: How It Affects You Today

The Money Mystery: The Hidden Force Affecting Your Career, Business and Investments

Science will be nature study and Health will be covered using Total Health curriculum for High school.

I also have some ideas for art and Washington State History. I plan on using a travel guide to cover 3 of 8 regions in our State over the year. We will try to catch some plays again in Seattle. Its been a year or 2 since we have done that. Also we plan on going to History museums, the Seattle Art museum and anything else we can think of. I will write about that later.

I have hopes of grandeur this year! A girl can hope. This is Sr year for my middle child and 9Th grade year for my baby! Here is to another year!! 16 years and counting!

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Marcia Somerville said...

Sounds like you have a great year planned!