Thursday, December 18, 2008

The weather outside....

is frightful, but inside... its so delightful.... warm and toasty!! Couldn't you just hear that song?? Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! *Ü*

We have about 6 + inches outside right now...

I have had fun watching these little guys today.....

Mi Casa!!

Mi casas driveway *Ü*

Mi casas stone wall *Ü*

mi hija


Brittney said...

Those photos are beautiful!!

Do you guys always get snow like that on that side of the state? We has to go to the mountain to see snow like that...and we did...many times!

Stay warm! :o)

Nikowa said...

WOW I'm so far behind. I have you subscribed in Google reader but it never shows your updates. :)

I Just subscribed via email:-)

Hope to stay updated now.

Lisawa said...

Brittney... the last 3 years or so we have been getting more and more. We ended up with 7 1/2 inches yesterday and it snowed again last night and wee early this morning. So we may have more.

Last year we had over 15 inches!! It was crazy... I hope we have a white Christmas!

Nikowa... I have no idea what to do about Google reader or my blog for that matter. It stopped updating back in Feb for some reason.... Another blog friend has had the same problem with my blog in her Google reader. :(

Kysha said...

Oh how beautiful! Wonderful pics. I would trade states with ya during the winter. It's much prettier at your place. :)

Dusti said...

Your pictures are great. That snow was unbelievable!
We have four kids ages 11, 9, 5, and 3. I homeschool all of them which is very fun and challenging at times, but we feel the Lord has called us to teach them at home.
I'm on the HIK list and saw your blog there. You can come visit mine (very humble just getting started) at

Lepidoptera said...

Your pictures remind me of the ice storm we had here last month when we had snow and ice totaling about seven inches. Pretty!