Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Whats up buttercup!?

How is everyone! All 10 of you who read here! LOL I took an unplanned hiatus to clean and declutter... we were going to put our home up for sale and then 2 weeks later decided against it! So here I am...

I missed checking in to all my favorite blogs! You ladies are so much fun and its great to get glimpses into your lives. I look forward to getting caught up! My google reader says I have almost 400 unread posts from my favorite peeps... y'all been busy!! So.. I will be busy reading for a bit!

So happy about the blog awards!! My bloggy friend Darcy won for funniest homeschool blog and Jessica won best blog design!! congratulations!! I also voted for my friend Jennefer for best homeschool mom... she really is... Other than Darcy and Jessica Im not sure of all the outcome.... but I have a funny... I think I was the first one to vote!! I was at the home school blog awards site right at 9 o'clock Pacific time and the poll was open!! I do believe I was numero uno while voting *Ü* I felt special... and hope it wasn't cheating... because it was still the 9th here... but it was the 10th on the East Coast!! *Ü*

Besides boring cleaning and work... school has been going pretty good! RyLee is doing good in Latin. She received a 100 on her last exam! We are in the end of Chapter 5. I'm thinking they will break at or just after chapter 6 maybe 7?? I'm not sure when they will take a break and each chapter is covered in 2 weeks so we shall see.

Spanish is going well. I'm so glad the girls have each other to practice speaking and translating! What a blessing for them. I have lost all interest in learning but do try to practice some vocabulary with them.

On Friday I was able to catch up with an old friend.. shes not old,*Ü* but we have not really "seen" each other or visited for almost 5 years... I think that's about right... Well we met up last week at a local home school gathering... we were both asked (along with 4 others) to sit on a panel and answer home school related questions.... during the meeting we realized our daughters are in the same Spanish class! LOL I guess Im not that sharp *Ü* So she suggested we have coffee while the girls are in class... yaa!! Class is only an hour... but it was time well spent. I walked away encouraged and like I connected with an old friend... I cant wait for the next Spanish class!!

Math has been going well and we should be finished with Washington State History before January. Once the weather warms this spring we will take some field trips. Mt St Helen's is one and then East of the Mt. ( I hope) to visit a friend for a few days...

Logic is going good and will also be done before Jan. Christian has been working through IEW C and doing well. I love IEW. School feels a little on the light side... but its all good to me! My motto this year is keep it simple sweetie... and so far I am.

Jan we will begin TOG year 3 unit 3. I'm awaiting its arrival. *Ü* I cant wait to plan. I began using Simply Charlotte Masons planning book and dvd but had gaps because I don't have unit 3 yet. :( So I lent it to a friend while I'm waiting for unit 3 to arrive...

I am changing our school calendar to start in Jan... it just makes more sense. This might be Christians last year "home schooling" so I want to transition now since next year Ry will be in 8th grade... that way we are all set for High School... I chose semester type subjects ( WA history, Logic etc) So we could begin Jan with regular studies, including TOG....

Do you like the few pictures here?? They were taken by Christian. She has some talent in this area... she takes good pictures! The kids ( all 3 of mine) went to Seattle on Saturday with youth group for the annual PB and J sandwiches/sock and blanket mission. They go and hand out the goods while visiting, sharing and being a friend to the homeless in Seattle. It was RyLees first time and she would like to do it again. Its good for them to see how others live, it keeps the heart tender.

Here are a few more photos Christian took while in Seattle. I love em. She took over 300, but these have no faces. *Ü* Its a good hobby for her.

Hope this post finds you all well!! Happy almost Thanksgiving!!


Tina in WA said...

Tell Miss C she did a wonderful job with the pictures. :)

It was great reading your post. Have I told you how wonderful you are lately? Well you are!

Love you!


Tina in WA said...

Hey I am supposed to be on your follow list too. I signed up and recieved an email message... Hum wondering why my picture doesn't show up?

Therefore you have 11 followers, possibly more my dear friend. :)


Anonymous said...

It's good to hear from you Lisa. I've been thinking of you and wondering how you were doing. Go to hear what you've been up to. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Brittney said...

You have been missed, my friend! Glad to see you back! :o)

I must say...Christian is an artist! Those pictures are amazing!

I did a little talking with Tina and I am going to dig into my CM books again and check out the Simply Charlotte that you two have been raving about. I seem to have gotten off kilter.

I hope you and your family have a relaxing Thanksgiving!

Gobble, gobble!!!

Oh, it looks like we may be heading your way for Christmas...

SKELLER said...

I think Christian is a phenomenal photographer! She's got a great eye, good perspective, plays with the different angles. I'm glad she's enjoying your camera!!!

Y'know, I still can't get your blog to update on my Google Reader. I wonder why??? Technology makes my head hurt.