Saturday, November 16, 2013

I miss writing!

I have come to the conclusion, I miss writing. I do! To be completely honest, I'm not sure when I wrote regularly if it was even good! Today though, I have come to the conclusion,I miss it. It was therapeutic at times. Honest, its like journaling but publicly and with reserve. Writing my thoughts and experiences down though caused reflection, deeper thought and concentration. I enjoy that, along with discussion.

I cant remember when I blogged last. I truly don't, I just know its been a few years ( I forgot to check the last post date on here and I'm too lazy to check) and here I am now, nearing the end of our families homeschool journey. What now? What next? What can I write about? I wrote mostly about our homeschool schedules, curriculum and things we were doing. Now, they are "doing" their own lives. 2 are grown and out of the house. My son recently married! My youngest will only be home about 2 more years, give or take. Plus, I cant always share about their life anymore, its theirs and private.

  I feel like I am ending a career soon and I am not yet ready to retire!! Its forced retirement! Anyone else feel that way?? Speaking obviously to the moms whose children are out of the home or your homeschooling is coming to a close. I find myself having feelings of grieving... having to let go of something I don't want to, or am not yet ready to let go of. I wonder if I need help!!? :)

So here I am, rambling in an abyss. I wonder if anyone will read this and can they relate?? Can you relate? If by chance you are reading this, let me know your thoughts on your empty nest or you homeschool career almost over type thoughts. How are you doing with this season? Want to help this momma out with some wisdom? Its coveted.

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